Photo Guidelines

As we want your announcements and invitations to look their very best, please ensure the photos that you email to us are original image high quality and resolution and full colour.  If we feel you photo quality will not be suitable, we will contact you to send us other option.

We provide basic photo editing to you photo and enhancements such as red-eye removal, colour or brightness alterations as well as cropping and change of colour (eg. black & white)

Below are some helpful hints recommended:

  • Original digital photos that are in JPEG format
  • Photos that are at least 600x900 in resolution
  • Photos that are clear when inspected up close
  • Photos that are not too dark or light
  • Images that have NOT been previously altered or cropped

Please be advised that photo shared on facebook are not recommended as they are low in resolution.

Professional Photos

We love creating designs with Professional photos, but please ensure that these images have been realeased to you and if not, please request from the photographer permission to use your selected image.

By placing an order with Happy Little Sunshine Designs and sending your professional photo, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and that you have permission to reproduce the image and indemnify Happy Little Sunshine Designs from any liability.