Santa's Nice List Certificate

You kid has another reason to behave nicely and be good throughout the year. He needs to be in Santa’s official nice list and he needs to get the nice certificate from him.

Imagine how happy and excited your child will be to know that Santa Claus has not only noticed their good behavior throughout the year, but he has also officially placed them on Santa’s Nice List. Commendable, isn’t it? It is likely that your child will treasure it for the whole year and will eagerly wait for the next Christmas when he will receive another such certificate from him!

When you order Santa’s Official Nice List Certificate, you will get a 5"x7" certificate with your child’s name on it. It also comes with the "Official Santa Approved" gold seal and Santa Claus's signature.

Our Santa Claus Nice Certificate comes in two printing options:

  1. WE PRINT - $10 per certificate (in case you order more than 1 certificate, you can avail of a discount)

Your certificate will be printed on a White Gloss premium 140gms paper and will be 5" x 7"in size.

  1. PRINT YOUR OWN - $8 per Letter (discount is available if you order more than 1 certificate)

You will receive a 5"x 7" high resolution, ready-to-print digital file of the certificate.  Along with it you will also receive a matching background that can be printed and with some glue or double-sided tape it can be applied to the back of certificate.

***If you would like to order more than one certificate, you can avail of a good discount.  Please email us at with the number of personalized certificates you will need and we will forward a quote to you.***

Take your time to browse through our range of Official Nice List Certificate from Santa and select one our designs.  Fill in our order form and leave the rest to us.

We also do customized good list certificate from Santa! So, if you have an idea in mind, write to us about it at and we will be happy to create it for you.



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