Boy Room Wall Art / Nursery Birth Print

At Happy Little Sunshine Designs, we have a huge range of customizable birth prints in Australia. We also cater to the demand of kid’s wall art in Australia with our huge collection. So, if you have landed here searching for them, you have definitely come to the right place.

Every kid is different; they have their own likes and dislikes. If you are a parent to energetic boy child, you would know how difficult it can get to contain his excitement when he sees his favorite things. So, why not add a bit of their character in their room. If you son likes a particular cartoon character; is a fan of some superhero, you can get him a wall art that reflects them. You know how much they will love it.

We have an excellent collection of kid’s wall art and birth prints. Typically, they come in 8"x10" size and are completely customization. Your son will also like to have a birth print adorning his room. After all, it has the details of his birth.

So, go ahead and browse through our kid’s art and birth print collection and choose the ones you think your son will love. Customization comes at a minimal cost of $10. Also, we must mention that it might not be possible to customize each and every design that is listed in the category.

So, once you have made a choice, write to us about it at and we will see if we can accommodate the changes you need. In that case, we will also mail a quote for the same.

You can get started right away. Happy shopping!